The EOR team was thrilled to visit this site in 2015 and left awestruck regarding the incredible impact clean water had on the people of this area. 

Working to improve the Lives of Orphan & Vulnerable Children

Water 1st International

Water 1st

mission is to serve families in the poorest communities in the world as they implement community-managed projects that provide a water supply, sanitation, and health education. 85% of the total population live in rural areas. Health indicators demonstrate that Ethiopia has serious problems in the area of health care and disease prevention. Water and sanitation-related diseases, particularly diarrhea, are amount the top three causes of death in the country. Only 11% of the population has access to safe drinking water, and many people survive on a strict ration of less then five liters of water per day. 

The work of Water 1st in Ethiopia is focused on the West Showa zone where less then 10% of the population has access to safe water and even fewer have access to improved sanitation. 

Since 2010, $53,000 has been granted by EOR to help fund massive water projects in 4 different areas of Ethiopia. In Kelecho Gerbi, eight community taps and 50 latrines were built to supply a lifetime of clean, safe water and sanitation for the people of this area.