The Founding Of EOR

While adding to their families through international adoption, the founders and board members of Ethiopian Orphan Relief, Inc. had the privilege of visiting Ethiopia, including the opportunity to visit orphanages in which their children lived, and the communities in which they grew up. 

In Ethiopia, one in ten children will die in infancy, and nearly double that number will die by their fifth birthday due to tetanus, infections or diarrhea. At present there are over 5 million orphans and vulnerable children. International adoption touches only a tiny fraction of these orphans; in 2006, only 731 Ethiopian orphans were adopted by American parents. 

As EOR board members traveled to Ethiopia, they had many discussions with Ethiopians and learned of numerouis challenges facing Ethiopian children and their caregivers. The challenges are as basic as the lack of clean water, as complex and enormous as a generation without parents, and as heartbreaking as children scavenging througout trash heaps for basic necessities. Ultimately, beyond seeing a beautiful country and meeting genuine peole, they were inspirted byt he hearts of Ethiopians. Hearts filled with the same hopes, dreams and love for their children as parents everywehre. 

As a results of what they saw, these adoptive parents formed EOR in early 2008. 

What We Do