Working to improve the Lives of Orphan & Vulnerable Children

Current Projects

‚ÄčEOR is committed to the nutrition of the children of Lola. Each year we will be granting funds for Plumpy Nut, a protein based product for nutritional support. 

We are currently raising funds for phase 2 of the Lola Expansion project. 


Lola Children's Home

Lola Children's Home

Lola Children's Home mission is to provide housing, medical and educational services for HIV-affected orphans and vulnerable children in Ethiopia. Lola is located in Mekelle, in the Northern Tigray region. Lola was founded because Mekelle had no services available for HIV-affected children, many of whom are left without family or government support after their parents' illness or  death.

 EOR was thrilled to supply the children of Lola with new beds, mattresses, sheets and blankets in 2010. In 2011 we visited and rode in the EOR funded 15 passenger van which directly improved the lives of the children enabling easy transport, shipping, and fast access to urgent medical care. 

In 2012 EOR built a HIV clinic, granted livestock, and funded a chicken coop that provides nutritious eggs for the children. Other projects funded in 2012-2013 included tables and chairs for the school, washing machine, kitchen supplies, computers, camera, medical supplies, and infant formula.  In 2015 we completed funding of the Phase 1 Lola Expansion project with a $60,000 grant. The expansion will enable Lola to grow while creating sustainable income generation for self sufficiency. EOR visited the expansion site in November 2017 to see the completed home.