Working to improve the Lives of Orphan & Vulnerable Children

Through this program, GE employees raised over $15,000 to fund the Chicken coop expansion and tutoring rooms created income generation for the CH program and gave the girls a clean, healthy, quite place to study. EOR has funded many other Children's Heaven projects including: library, livestock, computers, temporary housing structures, health education, and improved education opportunities. 

Children's Heaven

Children's Heaven

is located in Addis Ababa, the capitol city of Ethiopia and is dedicated to improving the lives of orphaned and vulnerable girls who have lost one or both parents to AIDS. It's mission is to embrace, empower and minimize their socio-economic vulnerability. At Children's Heaven the girls acquire skills, and knowledge, while developing the confidence and self-reliance needed to live healthy productive adult lives. Children's Heaven strives to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual  needs of the 115 girls that are benefiting daily from this amazing program.

Since 2010, EOR has funded a feeding program that ensures the girls get one nutritional meal per day when at Children's Heaven. The impact of this program has been immense and the health of each girl has drastically improved.

EOR applied for a partnership with Crotonville Programs through General Electric (GE) and we and were thrilled to be chosen as a "Partner in Giving."